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CELLPHONE USERS BEWARE!!! The Mobile Informational Call Act of 2011 (H.R. 3035) would allow businesses to use "robocalling" to call ALL CELLPHONE NUMBERS and leave recorded messages 24 hours a day! Currently these types of calls are outlawed! Supporters say that this could be used to remind patients about a doctors appointment or to let airlines inform you of a flight delay. However, the major endorsing organizations are: the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, the American Bankers Association, the Consumer Bankers Association and the Mortgage Bankers Association. Basically, this bill will allow telemarketers, bill collectors or any business to call your cellphone 24 /7! Every cellphone will be flooded with these UNWANTED CALLS! Unless your plan allows for free unlimited incoming calls, you wil be paying for all of these calls. U.S. Rep. Lee Terry [R-NE2] introduced this bill! I'll bet those banking companies that are endorsing this are some of Terry's major campaign contributors. Rep. Terry definitely IS NOT THINKING OR CARING ABOUT THE CONSUMERS! Let's give Rep. Terry a taste of his own medicine by calling his office in Washington (202)225-4155 or his Omaha office (402)397-9944 and start leaving messages 24 hours a day! If his voice mail gets full keep trying! The point is to let him know how inconvenient it would be if this legislation passes. If you don't make any other calls for political concerns or causes this year, PLEASE CALL REP. TERRY! and let him know to forgot about H.R. 3035 The Mobile Informational Call Act of 2011.

Monday, September 12, 2011

It sickened me to hear that the crowd at the 9/11 Memorial Cheered Former President Bush, He OK'd the 9/11 attacks

Think about it! What would have happened in America if the terrorist attack didn't occur on 9/11? Let's review the facts from that time...Election challenges were eminent. The U.S. Supreme Court (most of whom where appointed by and loyal to Republican Presidents) decides G. W. Bush is the President. He didn't win the election in 2000. If something didn't happen and soon, Bush would have been removed from office by the courts. Bush wanted to stay in office and had to do something dramatic to change the attention away from the election. It had to be something BIG. Bush and Osama Bin Laden are in the "Oil Cartel" and know each other, possibily friends. Bush okayed the attacks on America so that American's would forget about the election.

Another possible theory:  For reasons unknown to us, George W. Bush clearly wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein.  Maybe Osama Bin Laden and other members of the Oil Cartel did too.  How could this be accomplished?  How could he/they topple Hussein's reign?  Nothing short of a war could make that happen.  How do you start a war? 

Regardless of why  the 9/11 atacks happened, Bush had to get Bin Laden's family out of the United States.  Shortly after the attacks, when NO PLANES WERE SUPPOSE TO BE FLYING IN U.S. AIRSPACE, the Bush Administration allowed a jet to fly around the country to gather Bin Laden's family and "some 140 high ranking Saudi officials." and safely get them out of the United States. This is something you would do for a friend, to help him protect people he cared about! (see news article below)

Why do you think Osama Bin Laden wasn't captured during the Bush Administration? Bush didn't want him captured, much less killed. Some people say that President Obama had nothing to do with capturing Bin Laden. The intelligent reports were presented to him and he, the President, signed the order for the mission to capture Bin Laden to take place.

If the terrorist attacks had not taken place on September 11, 2001, Bush wouldn't have lasted more than 4 years in office. He certainly wouldn't have WON HIS FIRST ELECTION in 2004. He would spent his 4 years in office, if he lasted that long, fighting to stay in office.

Here is the article about the Bin Laden family evacuation:

"Bin Laden Family 'Evacuated' From US

9:11am UK, Wednesday September 03, 2003

Members of Osama bin Laden's family were allowed to fly out of the US shortly after the September 11 terror attacks, a senior official has said.

'Bush government sanctioned bin Laden family repatriation'

Even though American airspace had been shut down, the Bush administration alloweda jet to fly around the US picking up family members from 10 cities, including Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boston and Houston.

Some 140 high ranking Saudi officials were also on the plane.

The revelations come from former White House counter-terrorism chief Richard Clarke.

He said the Bush administration sanctioned the repatriation of the family in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.

'Repatriation approved'

"Somebody brought to us for approval the decision to let an airplane filled with Saudis, including members of the bin Laden family, leave the country," he told Vanity Fair magazine.

Mr Clarke said he checked with FBI officials, who gave the go ahead. "So I said, 'Fine, let it happen'."

He first asked the bureau to check that no one "inappropriate" was leaving.

"I have no idea if they did a good job. I'm not in any position to second guess the FBI," he said.

But Dale Watson, the FBI's former head of counter-terrorism, said the Saudis "were not subject to serious interviews or interrogations".

Permission to fly

Federal authorities gave permission for the plane to fly.

Tom Kinton, director of aviation at Boston's Logan airport, said: "We were in the midst of the worst terrorist act in history and here we were seeing an evacuation of the bin Ladens! ... I wanted to go the highest levels in Washington."

Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi ambassador to the US who is said to have organised the exodus, met President George Bush on September 13, 2001, two days after the terror attacks.

It is not known if they discussed the repatriation plan.

'No secret flights'

The White House has declined to comment on the claims, but sources told Vanity Fair the Bush administration was confident no secret flights took place.

Mr Clarke, who headed the Counter-terrorism Security Group of the National Security Council, said he did not recall who requested approval for the flights, but believes it was either the FBI or the State Department.

Special Agent John Iannarelli, the FBI's spokesman on counter-terrorism activities, said: "I can say unequivocally that the FBI had no role in facilitating these flights one way or another."

The wealthy bin Laden family broke ties with bin Laden years before the September 11 strikes. "

Even if Bin Laden's family broke ties with him, Osama Bin Laden still wanted his family to be safe and former President George W. Bush made it happen by getting the Bin Laden's out of the United States.  Why would anyone do that, especially after the attacks, unless they had something to hide.

Check out this article about a class action lawsuit against Former President George W. Bush and members of his administration.  A Government Insider is taking legal action to prove that Frmr President Bush ordered the September 11th attacks.
It is:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

It is time to get involved!

If everyone thought that nothing could make a difference then nothing would. However, we have seen that proven wrong when so many American's contacted their Congresspeople about raising the debt ceiling! Some members of the American public got sick and tired of it and spoke out. There was a lot of coverage about this in the National News Programs about how many American's spoke out and what method that they chose to speak out with.

With the invention of the internet, the world is changing. People who live under harsh, brutal and oppressive conditions somhow managed to got on the internet and saw how other people in the world lived and finally decided to fight back! They want their freedom.

Even if it is just a matter of signing or starting a petition (easy to do on the CARE 2 website), writing a blog or some e-mails, or posting ideas on the social network sites(Facebook, My Space, My Lot, to name a few) or send an e-mail to their leaders (easy to do on All of these actions can help to make a difference!

Once, a small group of people decided that they didn't want to be ruled by King George of England anymore and got together and fought and won the American Revolution! Today, we don't need to get out a gun, just get a pen and paper or turn on our computers and get involved! TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We just have to get off the sidelines and into the game!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Let's start trying to balance the budget! Instant yearly savings of over $9 Million!

There seems to be a lot of discussion about how to reduce Government spending.  Of course, everyone has a different idea.  I have one idea that is a small step fiscally, but would be a bigger step from a Public Relations stand point.  Let's start at the top.  According to articles in Wikipedia, I have discovered the earnings of our leaders in the United States Government. 

It is well known that many workers in the United States have been asked to take cuts in their earnings during tough times.  Somehow, the President, Vice President and members of the United States Congress have been spared from taking salary reductions for the good of our country.

The President of The United States earns                   $      400,000 annual salary*
The Vice President                                                              230,700 annual salary**
The Speaker of the House                                                   212,100 annual salary***
President Pro Tempore                                                       183,500 annual salary***
Majority Leader of the Senate                                            183,500 annual salary***
Majority Leader in the House                                             183,500 annual salary***
Minority Leader in the Senate                                            183,500 annual salary***
Minority Leader in the House                                            183,500 annual salary***
97 Remaining Senators @ $169,300                            16,422,100 annual salary***
433 Remaining House Reps @ $169,300            73,306,900 annual salary***
     Total Salaries:                                                        $91,489,300.

"Congressional Leaders" get 183,500.***   But since I don't know how many people are considered to be "Congressional Leaders", I used the salary of Non-Office holding members of Congress of $169,300.
Let's ask our leaders to take a ten percent pay cut, make a sacarifice for the "team".  That would be an annual savings of  $9,148,930.  While that is "small change" compared to the billions and billions of dollars that the U. S. Governement spends every year, it would definately help!  When you consider that the medium American Income for Men is $45,113 and for Women it is $35,102, I really don't think that it is too much to ask.

I have heard that while President, John F. Kennedy took a salary of only $1 per year because of his family's wealth.  Many of our member of Congress are very wealthly and could afford to volunteer to take a larger reduction.  If the heads of the United States Government are expecting us to "tighten our belts", shouldn't they be willing to do the same thing?


*       Wikipedia article, "President of the United States". 
**      Wikipedia article, "Vice-President of the United States".
***    Wikipedia article, "United States Congress".

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Suggestion for new TV show to help reduce federal spending

There should be a show on television that reviews each item in the Federal Budget and discuss it. I think that this would be a great project for Whoppi Goldburg!  Whoopi could moderate it and they could have a guest for liberal and conservative views.  Maybe it could even be a game show, where the viewers could vote "Cut It" or "Keep It".  They could call it, "We're Paying for WHAT?!?".

"Cut spending/balance the budget" Republican's go on spending spree

I was watching the CBS program, "Up to the Minute" late one night when I saw an interesting piece. It seems that some members of Congress ran on the "cut spending and balance the budget" platform have already gotten the "spending bug" and already have started to add excessive spending to the budget. This, again, shows how our Politicians say one thing to get elected then do a complete reversal once in office. They, however, don't want these things to become public so that they can scream they "are spending cut/balance the budget" Republicans.

The following is from the /07/26/evening news/main

"GOP fiscal hawks embrace pricey pet projects

By Sharyl Attkisson

(CBS News)
Bringing home the bacon is one of Washington's oldest traditions.

Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress spend considerable time trying to get federal funds for pet projects in their home districts.

So how's that affected some of the newer members who came to Washington vowing to cut federal spending at every turn? CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reports that in some cases, apparently, not at all.

Everyone agrees the old Stillwater Bridge linking Minnesota and Wisconsin is on its last legs and must go. But the fancy, $700 million replacement in the works costs double the cheaper alternative.

Why is Congress a millionaires club?
Do corporate interests rule Washington? special report: The United States of Influence

A bill co-sponsored by Republican freshman Sean Duffy paved the way for the expensive bridge to be built, even though he ran on this platform: "Our national debt has grown sky high thanks to the liberals in D.C. I'll work in Congress to cut spending and balance the budget."

Duffy's office told us his bill doesn't fund the bridge, it simply allows it to move forward and has some Democratic support too.

Steve Ellis of Taxpayers for Common Sense sees it as a perfect example of excess Congress can't seem to resist, even during a time of fiscal crisis.

"There's an alternative that's hundreds of millions of dollars less, maybe not the signature bridge, maybe not the tourist attraction, but actually could get the job done for far less money," Ellis says.

Freshman Republican Steven Palazzo of Mississippi also ran as a fiscal conservative. Then he added more than $150 million to the defense budget, bound for a shipyard in his own district.

He didn't want to talk to CBS News but has said he's "glad to be able to help ensure the long-term viability of our shipbuilding industry."

Republican Duncan Hunter, now in his second term, added $5 million to the 2012 defense budget destined for Trex Enterprises, where employees are major donors to his campaign. Hunter also asked for $3 million in tax dollars for Trex in 2010.

A spokesman for Hunter told us part of his role in Congress is drawing business to companies in his district.

If Congress really expects to do more with less, it's not evident in their add-ons to the 2012 defense budget. There are fewer of them than in years past, but they add up to just as much as before: about $1.3 billion.

© 2011 CBS Interactive Inc.. All Rights Reserved."

Monday, July 25, 2011

American's are getting SICK & TIRED of the B.S. going on in Washington!

Let me start of by saying that I am sick and tired of politicians saying that they should run the American Government like a business.  This is exactly what House Speaker John Boehner said in his speech tonight.  He says that he ran a small business in Ohio and then compared that to the United States Government.   I don't know what kind of business you ran Mr. Speaker, but if you ran that business like you are trying to run the government, it is no wonder you now have a different job!

The United States Government IS NOT a business and it can't be treated as such!  The job of the Government is to protect and provide services for its citizens.  There is no Board of Directors and no shareholders.  For Speaker Boehner, the Governor of my state, Rick Scott or anyone to think the government is a business is A FOOL! 

A business needs to make a profit to succeed.  Your salary and multimillion dollar campaign contributions show that YOU ARE MAKING A PROFIT, Mr. Speaker.  What profit is the American Taxpayer making?  In your comparison of the U. S. Government to a business, shouldn't ALL AMERICAN TAXPAYERS BE MAKING AN EQUAL PROFIT?   As American Citizens, we would be the share holders.  Where are our shareholder checks?

Let me provide a little background of myself.  When I was younger, I was a Republican.  I supported President Gerald Ford when he ran for President.  Although I wasn't happy that he pardoned President Richard Nixon, I agreed with his reasoning.  Now, upon reflection, many leaders of both major political parties agree that it was the right thing to do.  At some point, I became disappointed and dissatisfied with the Republican Party as they began to care only about the Wealthiest of American's and began to shred through the U. S. Consitution to do whatever they wanted to do.  I became an Independent.  I was impressed with Senator Barack Obama when he addressed the Democratic Convention in 2004.  (I only had tuned in to see Ron Reagan, Jr. speak.)   I was telling people back then, that Barack  Obama was going to be our next President.  I supported him and still believe that he is trying to lead the country in the right direction. 

Despite your best effort to ignore it, Mr. Speaker, the economy is starting to improve.  To me, when I see more small businesses starting to open up, I believe that those people along with others agree that things are starting to look up.  A new Super Wal-Mart opened up in St. Petersburg, Florida last week.   A new furniture chain store opened it's doors in Clearwater, Florida.  These large chain stores and small independent stores are bringing hundreds of new jobs to this area. Slowly, things are starting to get better.  The Stimulus Package has helped to allow much needed road and bridge repair and expansion to finally get started.  This construction has provided jobs for thousands of workers.

However, like most American's, I am getting sick and tired of the endless bickering in Congress with nothing getting accomplished.  So I have thought of a few things that we should do to help correct the problem.

Let's start at the top.  The Presidency should be limited to one six year term.  Most people will agree that any President spends their first term trying to get re-elected to their second term.  Let's end this now.  Give the Office holder one six year term so that they can focus on what is best for the nation and how they, personally tried to get it done. 

Next, let's have some major campaign reform.  We, the people of the World, have the advantages of a 24 hour news cycle for both television and the Internet.  Eliminate the need to spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars running for a political office.  Let each candidate create their own website, post their position papers on it and make themselves available to answer questions from the American People and post them online.   Let the Candidates debate openly on the Internet and on the television.  Allow The League of Women Voters, who have sponsored the Presidential Debates in the past, to come up with a debate format that is free of demands of any individual, political party or special interest.  Let individual American Citizens decide who gets elected for office, not special interest groups.  The Internet websites of the candidates should be set up by funding by the Government and have NO ADVERTISERS OR SPONSORS.  The Candidate's Website and The League of Women Voters Public Debates should be the only resources that the candidates should be given.  By doing this, every American, whether rich or poor, could have a real shot at getting elected to a public office. 

Make the running of the Government more transparent!  Make every office holder publically responsible to show their exact government salaries and the salaries of each staff member and their office budgets (which should be distributed equally among all members of each branch of Congress) be posted on their internet site.  There should be a law in place forbidding any government official to receive ANY TYPE of gift while running for and while in office.  Let Congressional Representatives and Senators go back to serving the American Public and NOT special interests.  As a result, people who run for office will hopefully do so with the intent to serve the People and not with the intent to get rich(er).

Get to work setting up a tax system that is fair for all of our individual and business citizens.  It isn't right for large corporations to pay little or no taxes, cut jobs and close or move their operations out of the country while the Corporate C.E.O.'s get six and seven figure yearly bonuses!

While these ideas may seem to simplistic at first, there is no reason why this can not be accomplished.  Image how much money all branches of government will save by not having to provide funding for the current lavish campaigns.  Put those saving toward the deficit.  I think all of us would be suprised at just how much money we are talking about.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Take a second to help make the world a better place!

I am already 52 years old and have spent most of my adult life being shy and lonely.  However, I will admit that I can be judgmental, short, opinionated, and even hateful.  I like to write and was spending some time on some of my websites (Facebook, Twitter and  MyLot are a few of them).  I have always known of the virtue and power of kindness, but never really gave it much thought.  What if everyone took just a second out of their day to be kind to another person?  An insurance company did an ad campaign on that very thought.  The commercials were very well done and hopeful did more then sell insurance.  It is my insurance company, Liberty Mutual, by the way that did it and I hope that they will continue to air that campaign again soon.

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  What is a quick moment of kindness worth?  Wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone took a second out of their day to do something nice for someone else?  As of today, I am pledging to spend some time each day to pass that thought in as many venues and  websites and to try to spread this simple thought and hopeful it will become a movement that will change the way we live our lives.  Such a pure and innocent thought could become a movement to help us to change our world for the better.  Let's hope that the concept quickly catches on.

If you would like to help me get the ball rolling, email me at:  <> and please follow me on Twitter where I will be "Itscooltobekind".  Let's start a revolution of compassion and kindness.  We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lightening as an energy source?

With all over the clever people that there are in the world, there must be someone who can find a way to harness the energy of lightening!  There has to be a way to attract the lightening to the same place on a regular basis.  Then the trick is to take the sudden and incredibly vast amount of electrical energy from a lightening strike and divide it into smaller amounts that can be either stored or input into our energy grids?  It seems to me that once a method to funnel the energy is found, then the same equipment can be used as lightening is attracted into those systems over and over again. The high cost of damage from lightening strikes could be reduced or even eliminated since the lightening will follow the easiest and quickest path to the ground.

"Given that the average Midwest thunderstorm releases enough electrical energy to power the entire U.S. for 20 minutes, who knows what the potential is for the harvesting of lightning fields and arrays of bolt conductors." 

Since the Tampa Bay area of Florida is the "Lightening Capital of the United States", perhaps funding should be provided to conduct research on this fascinating possibility here in Tampa Bay!  With the increasing high cost of energy, now is a better time than ever to make progress on this and other forms of "green energy". 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reform Healthcare?

I find it hard to believe that any middle class American can laugh or endorse this stupidity.  It is the wealthest Americans who get all of the tax cuts and pay tax accountants to find loopholes so that they don't have to pay any taxes at all!  These wealthy ultraconservatives bulk at government spending but are quickly willing to take advantage of the programs that the government pays for. 

Healthcare reform?  Let's be serious-the Republicans don't want to reform health care, they want to eliminate it.  The Senators and Representatives who oppose what they call "Obama Care" that would allow every American have access to health care are the same ones who accept large contributions from the wealthy Pharmaceutical companies and the health care industry.   Every other Industrialized Nation in the world has some type of health care coverage for their citizens.
Enough stupid voters in Florida elected a Governor who had ran a health care company that swindled the Medicare Program out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Being a Chief Executive Officer of a company should imply that you know what is going on in and take responsibility for your company.  Rick Scott either declared no knowledge of, refused to answer questions about, or took the fifth amendment to avoid taking responsibility.  Rick Scott should be in prison not in the Governor's Mansion!
A friend of my wife sent a video of a comedian who does a routine about "wasteful" government spending, the You Tube video, "Tim Hawkins - The Government Can".  Her daughter sent it to her with a note that it was hilarious!  My wife's friend can not afford to pay for healthcare for herself or her mother who has Alzheimer's.  She relies on Medicare. Yet she thinks that the government programs that provide these services for her and her Mom are a waste of taxpayers money!?!   Her daughter somehow managed file bankruptcy twice and was still able to buy a new car!  Her daughter use to get medicaid.  She and her daughter spend thousands of dollars traveling all over the country going to seminars that promise that you don't have to pay your taxes or your mortgage, but was totally suprised when the bank forclosed on the daughter's house! This is a case of either not thinking things through or plain and simple hyprocrisy!
You wouldn't be so gun ho to reform  health care if you couldn't get any medical or health care for you or your loved ones because you couldn't pay for it.  How about me?  I have Alzheimer's, once I can no longer work and I lose my health insurance, I'll end up on Medicaid.  Who pays for all of these programs, the middle class tax payer.  When the wealthy get ill, they can afford to go anywhere in the world to be treated.  Yet the wealthy bulk at the very thought of anyone else getting any type of health care.

IF YOU ultra conservatives really what do reform health care, voluntarily and publically pledge to remove yourself from taking advantage of the health care system.  Those Senators and Representatives who want to eliminate "Obama Care" should unenroll themselves from the excellent Health Insurance Program that we, the taxpayers, pay for. When you are willing to put your money where your mouth is, then maybe the rest of us will listen to you.  Until then, PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Support the movement to protect the privacy of individuals on the Internet.

In their report, "Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change", the Federal Trade Commission backed the creation of a "Do Not Track" option to protect the privacy of individuals using the Internet.  The Internet is growing rapidly and is being coming more widely used by more people with each passing day.  It is important that our right to privacy be protected.  Contact your  governments representatives to pass legislation to create this option and protect our privacy while shopping, chatting, surfing or doing anything on the web. 

According to the Internet World Stats, as of June 30, 2010 there were 1,966,514,816 Internet users worldwide.  That figure must have easily passed the Two Billion mark by now.  Individual Privacy is an issue that is should be important to every citizen in every nation.  Legislation like this should be passed in every nation.  Then the issue of Individual Privacy should be expanded to not only protect our use of the Internet but should be applied to all aspects of our lives, including our personal, financial and medical information. 

If you are in the United States, go to <Congress.Org> where you can easily contact The President, your Senator's and Representatives in Congress about this and any other issue.

Now is the time to get involved and this is just the issue to do it . 

I'm Gonna Live My Life Out Loud!

Shortly after Christmas, people started saying, "Happy New Year".  In the past, New Year's Eve was never a big deal for me.  Sure, I would sometimes watch the Dick Clark special and maybe make a few resolutions, but that was about it.  Last week, I winched every time I heard it. 

A couple of weeks ago, I watched a video about Alzheimer's. It featured a discussion segment that was hosted by actor David Hyde Pierce.  In the video, one man in his early 50's, was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's.  What made this man's situation noteworthy was that his mother and two of his sister's were also stricken with Early Onset Alzheimer's.  After informing his family of his diagnosis, he stated  that he may not recognize them by next year.  That stuck in my head.  Will this be my last New Year's Eve?

I understand that people with Early Onset Alzheimer's can "live" a long time.  However, I have a problem with the term "live".  So, from this point on, I am going to refer to living or my life as the time that I have where I still have memories of family and friends and can still do things that I enjoy.  In my opinion, once I am no longer able to recognize people or remember events or complete simple tasks, that is when I will die.  After that, my wife Scherry and family, will have to deal with Zippy (the name Scherry gave to what will left of my  body or my what I call my "shell").

I had to work on New Year's Eve, and was really dreading it as I would have to hear "Happy New Years" hundreds of times that day.  As the day progressed, I began thinking that "this is bullshit!"  I'm not going to spend my last days overwhelmed and preoccupied with my quickly passing life.  I borrowed a line from the Rob Thomas song, "Someday" and decided that "I WAS GOING TO LIVE MY LIFE OUT LOUD!"   I am going to try to squeeze as much fun, adventure and purpose out of every spare lucid moment that I have left.  On a break, I went out and got a New Year's hat and some colorful beaded neck chains and wore them the rest of the evening.  I told EVERYONE that I saw to have a Happy New Year!   The hell with all of the negativity, I want to enjoy what time I have left!

Although it wasn't exciting, today we went shopping and then I spent some time cleaning off a pile of papers off of my computer table  and started to get rid of things now, so that no one else would have to.  I have to admit that I am a hell of a pack rat and have been saving clippings of newspaper articles that I found interesting and just saved just about everything else that I thought might be useful in the future.  The hoarding is going to stop.  My eldest brother died last year and he was a pack rat, too.  His apartment was so bad that he had little paths around the piles of boxes (Scherry pointed out that it must be a hereditary thing.) and other junk that he had saved.  He just had a little spot cleared out for himself in front of the television.  My family came and helped out a little, but it was my other brother, the middle brother (as I am the youngest of all of my siblings) who had to deal with all of the junk.

Later, I got on the computer and set up a Skype account for Scherry and myself.  I wrote an e-mail to my step daughter which I don't think that I have ever done before, telling her about her Mom's new Skype account and am attempting to start a dialogue with her.  She and other members of Scherry's family were really supportive and volunteered to help with taking care of me when Scherry broke the news to them about my Alzheimer's.

 After checking <Congress.Org> (a marvelous site), I sent an e-mail about the Stem Cell Research Advancement Act, stating that we must fund the use Stem Cells to aid in the research for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and all of the other diseases that would benefit from such research to my Senator's (S. 3766) and Congressman  (H.R. 4808).  I came up with a slogan, too!  "Support Government Funding for Stem Cell Research, the life you save may be your own!"

I am already thinking about what I am going to put on my BUCKET LIST, the list of things to do before you kick the bucket.   Fasten your seat belts everybody, because we are in for one hell of a ride!