Saturday, November 27, 2010

Second hand smoke does cause death!

An article entitled, "Passive smoking's death toll quantified" submitted by the Associated Press, was in the Friday edition of the St. Petersburg (Florida) Times.  The first line of the first paragraph states, "Secondhand smoke kills more than 600,000 people worldwide every year".  I have been saying this for a long time now and the study, that was lead by the World Health Organization's Tobacco-Free Initiative, finally provides the proof.

The last paragraph of the article is really interesting, it says,

"It's almost as if people are in denial, she said. (referring to Helena Shovelton, the Chief Executive of the British Lung Foundation) "They absolutely would not do something dangerous like leaving their children in the middle of the road, but somehow, smoking in front of them is fine."

It feels good to finally have the scientific community confirm what I have believed and have talked about for some time.  Now if they would only conduct a study on how smoking damages brain cells, both of my theories about smoking would be proven.

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