Monday, August 19, 2013

What I hate about Windows 8!

1) Even though I have two monitors, I can only have one open Excel document on one screen at any given time.  With Windows 7, I could have one spreadsheet on one monitor and another spreadsheet on the other monitor.  It was just so much easier!

2) If I am in Yahoo Mail, for example,  then want to do something or go somewhere else in the computer,  I have to go to my desktop then to Bing then hit something on their initial menu.   If I hit Yahoo Mail, then I have to sign in again.

3)  I hate that they want you to associate  and sign into everything with a Microsoft Account.  I had Hotmail a long time ago and now prefer Yahoo Mail.   As a matter of fact, I hated Hotmail!  I WILL NOT sign up for Hotmail.  They need to get over it!  We shouldn’t have to associate our e-mail account to anything, much less sign up for another e-mail address just because it’s a Microsoft e-mail.

4) I miss the way you could file your pictures in Windows 7.  They need to bring that back.  The photo library in Windows 8 sucks!

5) I hate where you can’t see at least a glimpse every window or screen that you have open.  Bring “switch between Windows” back.

6)  Moving things between screens can be really annoying!  Sometimes they just disappear.  Probably the same place some of my socks go to.

7)  Don’t even get me started on bringing your cursor to one of the corners crap…  Sometimes the little menu will disappear before you can move your cursor to the icon that you want.   When you hit “Search” you should get the entire list without having to go to the homepage or whatever they call it, you know the middle  icon with four boxes.   That whole concept is annoying!   It’s like torture navigating through Windows 8!

If anyone knows of a way to navigate around these or correct these problems with the current Windows 8 structure, let me know.  Who wants to have to read a long instruction manual?  I like to play with stuff and explore.  When I do need help, I have always found that the "Help" section needs a lot of help, you can imagine it saying:  “What? Huh?!?”  and scratching it's head.

I’ve heard that many people go back to Windows 7, but we shouldn’t have to.  Windows 8 should be an IMPROVEMENT, NOT A DOWNGRADE!  Personally, I think the designers were a little drunk when the wrote this program.