Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hey America, let's get our country back!

America was once the leader in innovation, technology, creativity-we were an industrial leader!  We produced the best products and many American companies became synonymous with their products:  documents were Zeroxed, the best products were called the Cadillac of _____, you ate Jell-O not gelatin.  Sadly,  America could be there again but we are being held back!  We could become an industrial leader, creating new technologies and products and then build and sell the products all over the world! We could have a strong vibrant economy with plenty of high paying jobs!  What's holding us back?  Congress!  Obsessed with obtaining great wealth, many of our supposed "representatives" in Congress  have become PROSITUTES to special interests like Oil, preventing our country from taking the lead in other areas like clean and sustainable alternative energies.  We need to clean house-vote out all incumbants currently in office, demand strict election and campaign  finance reform, term limits, and find ways to prevent our representives from being able to accept bribes!  Our Representatives need to work for all Americans and help build a stronger America!

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